Widespread Fantasy Update II

On Monday, I took issue with Michael Kinsley’s silly statement that liberals widely believe that Colin Powell will resign and turn on the administration (Kinsley wants you to see that liberals who place faith in any general(s) are misguided). I also asked for just one person who believed this to stand up and explain why. While a few said they held such a hope before Colin Powell’s February 5th appearance before the UN, there have been no takers. Not one.

So if this really isn’t a “widespread fantasy” among liberals, did Kinsley just make it up? No, apparently Kinsley is a regular reader of BusyBusyBusy (for a quick laugh and to see why, click here).


P.S. Thanks to Elton of BusyBusyBusy for the tip (and note that he explains, “But it was a joke, really!”, though it seems Kinsley missed that).