Secretary Snow Answers My Question #2

CBS Marketwatch was kind enough to try to get an answer to question #2 from the seven in my “California Questions” post that followed Arnie’s coup in CA. They went right to the top (almost), and asked Treasury Secretary John Snow.

NEW YORK (CBS.MW) — If Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger is hoping for help cleaning up California’s fiscal mess when he meets with President Bush, he may be disappointed.

“I’m sure we’ll listen to him, but you know California’s problems are basically California’s own problems,” Treasury Secretary John Snow said in an interview with CBS MarketWatch. “I think California is going to have to solve its own problems rather than turn to the Treasury of the United States.”

Probably not surprising. But of course, today Arnie will have the chance to go over Snow’s head and talk directly to the boss about getting help for CA, so who knows…