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Krugman and Waldmann (wonkish) part two

Lifted from Robert’s Stochastic Thoughts New Keynesian Good Two Keynesian Better Oddly, Paul Krugman seems to have perceived my observation that he is a two Keynesian rather than a new Keynesian as a criticism. In fact I much prefer simplest new Keynesian models to standard obscure new Keynesian models. Oh hell, my damn comment was waaay too […]

TPP summary

Via Alternet Jim Hightower offers a simplified look at the possible consequences of this trade deal: Twenty years later, the gang that gave us NAFTA is back with the TPP, a “trade deal” that mostly does not deal with trade. Of the 29 chapters in this document, only five cover traditional trade matters! The other […]

Recent decisions show China will not raise wages enough

I have written lately about the how the cultural economics of China will fail to raise wages of labor and thus fail to re-balance their domestic demand. A video interview with Minqi Li by The Real News Network notes that recent decisions by the Chinese government are meant to raise income for the owners of […]

Free market economics and Manchester University

Via the Guardian, Orthodox economists failed market test After all, the large majority of economists who predicted the crisis rejected the dominant neoclassical thinking: from Dean Baker and Steve Keen to Ann Pettifor, Paul Krugman and David Harvey. Whether Keynesians, post-Keynesians or Marxists, none accepted the neoliberal ideology that had held sway for 30 years; and all understood that, […]

Frances Coppola on repressing domestic demand… globally

The one thing I love about Frances Coppola, who is an economist from the United Kingdom, is that she is a perfect blend of someone inside the box and yet outside the box. I truly appreciate how she balances the two with an open and creative, yet grounded mind. She wrote a terrific article, The […]