World View… Does the earth belong to the rich?

The video presents safe voyages to space.

“people… first-hand viscerally get that we live on a planet suspended in space … and this planet is all that we have.”

Yet we could assume that only rich people from around the world will take the ride. How many of them will get a vision that the world is theirs and not ours? Just as they see their riches as theirs and not of people in general. They resist paying taxes. They resist paying better wages. They resist re-distribution of wealth. They do not see the wealth that they accumulated from the earth as belonging to all people and nature.

So really… how many of the rich that go to space will view the world and realize that its riches belong to all people… to be shared as one community? How many will realize that they should share their wealth with others who were not privy to the special deals that possessed the world’s wealth?