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Real retail sales consistent with continued slow growth, aided by a continuing decline in commodity prices

If you have been following NDd, you will note one of the biggest issues with the economy is supply chain. Most notably shortages of raw material, components, and finished products. Similar occurred in 2008 and my own belief is this is a recurrence of similar. I believe much of this could have been prevented. Beyongd […]

Just Some More Politics Today

House politics today as most Repubs and Dems support the House funding bill. Democrat Jake Auchincloss of Massachusetts and Mike Quigley of Illinois voted against the passage of House Speaker’s Mike Johnson’s stopgap funding bill to avert a government shutdown. With the two Dems, Ninety-three Republicans voted against it also. The bill passed. A similar […]

Except for fictitious shelter and motor vehicle insurance and repairs, consumer inflation is thoroughly contained

It appears inflation is coming down this year and probably into next year also. Maybe Biden will not have to twist the Fed’s arm to get them to lower the Fed rate. Except for fictitious shelter and motor vehicle insurance and repairs, consumer inflation is thoroughly contained  – by New Deal democrat The October CPI […]

Changing Social Security Sooner Rather Than Later, Avoiding a Shortfall

I was following the links in Dale’s latest commentary on Social Security and clicked in to see what Dale was discussing in his commentary. I was able to web capture the chart (below) which I believe accurately depicts what Dale is writing about in his commentary. The chart is a depiction of a one tenth […]

Why Biden is in trouble about the economy

Why Biden is in trouble about the economy  – by New Deal democrat  A big focus of political discourse in the past two weeks has been about why Biden seems to be polling so poorly against Trump, and in particular has not consolidated support among younger voters. Since the economy is always a very important […]

Replacing Adults with Children Lowers Overhead and Labor Costs

Increasing Numbers of Underage Children Employed A large portion of this post is taken from “The Unjust Cost of Child Labor,” Roosevelt Institute, as written by Alí R. Bustamante. I have added additional information from what I know and have read from current events. The Child Labor Statistics JPeg is taken from “Child Labor Violations […]


Dale Coberly discussing the latest news on Social Security. SOCIAL SECURITY, A BREAKTHROUGH? Dale Coberly For years I have been trying to inform people that the great big, huge horrible “Looming Trillion Dollar Unfunded Deficit” in Social Security could be fixed forever with a one tenth of one percent increase in the Social Security tax […]

New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators for November 6 – 10

I have been sharing New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators with an Edward Jones consultant who handles our funds. He was pretty impressed with the detail New Deal democrat gives here and at Seeking Alpha. He has his own account so he can go every week (I am limited). If have some time, you should explore […]