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Playing Minesweeper

Lifted from Robert’s Stochastic Thoughts: Minesweeper in the Washington Post. “It’s like Minesweeper,” former Wyden staffer Jennifer Hoelzer told The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein in June, referring to the computer game in which players slowly probe unknown territory, looking for bombs. “You just have to ask questions to try to get the outlines of what they’re not […]

Added information to the context for NSA legislation

Wired points to lawsuits fizzling so far, but also more secrecy and claims it is off limits to courts. The Obama administration for the first time responded to a Spygate lawsuit, telling a federal judge the wholesale vacuuming up of all phone-call metadata in the United States is in the “public interest,” does not breach […]

Proposals for Cutting the IRS Budget

by Linda beale Proposals for Cutting the IRS Budget As the  budget battles loom again in our dysfunctional Congress, one of the targets of the right is, not unexpectedly, funding for the IRS.  Sequestration is already hampering the IRS’s ability to perform its functions.  See $6 collected for every $1.  But the right wants to […]

Senators promised 50 years of secrecy on their tax reform proposals

by Linda Beale Senators promised 50 years of secrecy on their tax reform proposals There continues to be more blather about the need for “tax reform, and buddies GOP Dave Camp and skin-deep Dem Max Baucus seem to be intent on accomplishing something “big”.  And that’s what’s worrying me. The Republicans have been arguing that […]

Round and around the revolving door does spin…

Lifted from comments from open thread July 23 by reader Jack Round and around the revolving door does spin. Those who take the ride are guaranteed to win, in the game of securities enforcement law. In yet another move between public and private practice John Khuzami moves from the SEC to “….a job that pays […]

Federal Judge Finds Ohio Can’t Refuse to Recognize Couple’s Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriage

by Linda Beale Federal Judge Finds Ohio Can’t Refuse to Recognize Couple’s Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriage Dear Readers: This has been a much needed break for me, but now I am ready to resume daily postings on tax, economics, and the potential for a just and fair society.  As you all are undoubtedly aware, Messrs Camp […]

Say it like it is?

Via the Washington Post comes some interesting language. Employers are raising education requirements even for entry-level positions. Thirty-two percent of hiring managers and human resource professionals said they are hiring more employees with college degrees for positions that were historically held by high school graduates, according to a survey by CareerBuilder. “While some of this […]

An addendum to McD’s budget advice

An NPR article and a Marketplace piece, which feature Milwaukee fast-food workers, highlight a hidden issue among low-wage jobs — many have such random work schedules, they can’t even get a second job to supplement their income. A new NELP report highlights   “Taking the Low Road: How the Federal Government Promotes Poverty-Wage Jobs Through its […]

Hunger Games USA

Paul Krugman writes in Hunger Games USA. Facts and figures at his column. To fully appreciate what just went down, listen to the rhetoric conservatives often use to justify eliminating safety-net programs. It goes something like this: “You’re personally free to help the poor. But the government has no right to take people’s money” — […]