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House exempt from ethics education, lets change that.

So, I just got an email from my congressman letting me know that he has submitted a bill that would no longer exempt the House membership from annual ethics training.  Their staff is required to have such education, the Senate is required, but not the house.   He is also trying to get it into the rules for now.

How timely considering what has just gone down in the congress.

Needless to say, the leadership is not wanting it.

The Republican Chairman of the House Rules Committee has already rejected the idea and said that it wouldn’t be “proper” for House members to required to take annual ethics training…

It would not be proper?  I guess it is beneath them?  What professional group exists that does not have a requirement for some type of annual education which often includes ethics?  My mistake, I guess they are not professionals!

Anyway, please sign the petition and share this.  I know, ethics education won’t solve it all, but at least the ability to say “I made a mistake” will be limited.


Thank you.


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Tea Party Seizes House Financial Reins: and so Reigns

Quick take on how things are shaking out in House Leadership including Committees:

Paul Ryan: from Budget to Ways and Means
Tom Price: to Budget
Jeb Hensarling: to Financial Services
Hal Rogers: maintains House Appropriations

Let’s just say that none of those guys seems like champions of the New Deal or likely members of any of the Social Security Defenders Groups however defined. And near as I can see with no actual opposition.

Which leaves actual leadership positions:
Majority Leader: Pete Sessions vs Kevin McCarthy
Majority Whip: Steven Scalise vs Pete Roskam

It doesn’t seem too unlikely to me that Sessions could beat out McCarthy (Texas over California) AND
Scalise beats out Roskam (Louisiana over Illinois)

Now near as I can see none of these guys are crazy as such (Scalise maybe aside), but there would be exactly zero room for compromise from a lineup reading as follows: Leader Sessions, Whip Scalise, Ways and Means Ryan, Budget Price, Financial Services Hensarling, Appropriations Rogers. Okay maybe Rogers might strike a deal here and there.

But otherwise this seems like a recipe for even more obstruction than now. As if you can add to Infinite. And now Boehner will not be offsetting anything.

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