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‘There’s no way I can pay it’: Americans dread restart of student loan payments

About the time I was talking to USC’s Associate Director and Alan Collinge at the Student Loan Justice Facebook site, Michael “The Guardian” reporter was talking to students there about payback issues. Everyone is concerned about the startup of loan paybacks. It is a serious issue for most. ‘There’s no way I can pay it’: […]

There are lies, and there is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program

Arizona Opinion: There are lies, and there is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program,, Lisa Ansell and Christina Winton. USC Associate Director Lisa Ansell discusses the predicament Christina Winton is in with Loan forgiveness applied for after 10-years in public service and the foot dragging by the PSLF program to cancel her student loans. […]

Freya’sday Five Elements …

Freya’sday Five Elements … I caught up with Reich’s Substack Commentary by Robert Reich on Homeless on the Desert. June 16, 2023 in g’da said New to the blogroll lineup, from Robert Reich’s Substack and the Smirking Chimp The Washington Post calls Trump’s vision for a second term “authoritarian.” That vision includes mandatory stop-and-frisk. Deploying the military to fight street crime, break […]

Mohela – student loan provider baffled by inclusion in supreme court debt relief challenge

This is starting t0 become a bit confusing as Missouri and other states are suing Biden because Mohela is being harmed by student loan forgiveness. In order to sue, the state has to have standing and they do not as of yet unless SCOTUS finds a way to grant them standing. Twice previously, SCOTUS has […]

Student Loan Debt, AI, and the Extinction of the American Middle Class

As American Jews, at what point do we stop to assess the collateral damage that the coalescence of crippling student loan debt and the advancement of AI in all facets of the economy will have on America’s working and middle class? Student Loan Debt, AI and the Extinction of the American Middle Class,, Lisa […]

Standing May Be Critical to How SCOTUS Rules on Student Loan Relief

Some of Insider’s reporting, Justice Barrett and the courts wording, and my comments intermingled in this post. Amy Coney Barrett Might Have Undermined Student-Debt-Relief Lawsuit, businessinsider, Ayelet Sheffey On Thursday, Justice Amy Coney Barrett delivered the opinion in Haaland v. Brackeen, which challenged the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 allowing Native American children to remain with […]

45 and Now 46 million strong Owning Student Loans 2023

I was just done with updating student loan data information and checked in at the Student Loan Justice Org site on Facebook to catch up on issues. One new development being Lisa Ansdell. Associate Director @ Casden Institute, USC has joined with Alan at Student Loan Justice Org. promoting Student Loan Debt Relief. Lisa Ansell […]

Open Thread June 17, 2023 Students Loans

Maybe you have been unaware of it, the repayment of student loans is to begin again come September 2023. President Biden had stopped all payments and interest accruing early on during the Covid Pandemic. Offering up reductions of ten to twenty thousand in reductions for outstanding loan was apart of the president’s plan. For many […]

Love of the Land and Community Inspired the Montana’s Youth Climate Change Lawsuit Against the State Goes to Court This Week

Love of the Land and Community Inspired the Montana Youths Whose Climate Lawsuit Against the State Goes to Court This Week, Inside Climate News, Richard Forbes. For the plaintiffs in the first youth climate lawsuit to go to trial, finding their voice and inspiring others has been as much a salve for their climate grief […]

Here’s what Republicans get Wrong about the Student Loan Debt crisis

What is exciting about this op-ed is not just the topic but the writer Lisa Ansell. Ms. Ansell is the Associate Director at the Casden Institute for the Study of the Jewish Role in American Life. She definitely has the band width in adding to the fight for student loan relief for the 46 million […]