New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators January 29 – February 2

Weekly Indicators for January 29 – February 2 at Seeking Alpha

 – by New Deal democrat

My “Weekly Indicators” post is up at Seeking Alpha.

One week ago many of the high frequency indicators hit an “air pocket.” This week some – but not all! – resolved.

At present there is one of the more anomalous situations I have observed. Most of the data is not just positive, but frequently strongly so. On the other hand, there is a nagging minority of data which is near or flat-out recessionary, some of which (like income tax withholding) is hard to dismiss.

To get the full rundown, click on over and read. It will also reward me a little bit for my efforts in laying the data out for you in an organized format.

New Deal democrat Weekly Indicators January 22-26, Angry Bear, by New Deal democrat