The Economy and “A Trump Thanksgiving”

As suggested by New Deal democrat, the nation is experiencing an expansion of the economy which seems less likely to end in a recession.

“There has been some commentary that continuing claims mean a recession is imminent or may even be underway. I am discounting that because initial claims have always signaled first, and also because continuing claims have been in the range of 25%-30% higher YoY for the last 6 months without worsening.

Turning to the update for the Sahm rule, on a monthly basis claim in November so far are up 3.5%. Since initial claims lead the unemployment rate by several months, that suggests an unemployment rate declining to about 3.6% in a few months (i.e., 3.5%*1.035=3.6%) from a more elevated 3.8%-4.0% level:

In short, claims are forecasting continued economic expansion.”

This has not changed Republicans thoughts on Biden as revealed in their deliberate attempts to discredit Biden. Neither has trump stopped threatening the court by inciting people to do his bidding. trump’s economic prowess never reached the extent of what the nation has experienced under Biden’s leadership.

Switching hats here and citing Joyce Vance at Civil Discourse. As taken from:

A Very Trump Thanksgiving.”

Trump went all in, using language that anyone who understands how he operates knows is inflammatory, if not targeting, towards New York’s Attorney General Letitia James, Judge Engoron, and President Biden. And that’s just one post.

But it’s Trump’s targeting of Judge Engoron’s law clerk that tell us the most about what the country has to fear if Trump regains power.

In a sworn affidavit from an officer assigned to the New York judicial threats assessment unit submitted in support of keeping the gag order in place. Disturbing details about the impact of Trump’s prior post about the Judge and his law clerk came to light. The judge and his staff are receiving hundreds of harassing and threatening phone calls every day. The email and voicemail messages are so concerning that they have required security personnel “to constantly reassess and evaluate what security protections to put in place to ensure the safety of the judge and those around him.” For the Judge’s clerk, in particular, the threats have been voluminous and serious. It took 275 single spaced pages to transcribe all of them.

The affidavit also indicates the gag order being temporarily lifted on November 16. Since the matter is on appeal, the threatening messages have increased. Around half of the 20-30 calls per day to the law clerk’s personal cell phone and 30-50 messages daily on social media platforms and personal email addresses are antisemitic.

This is deliberate attack on a blameless private citizen, made by Trump in order to advance his own agenda. And in the context of the division in the country over the Hamas attack on Israel, the fact that many of the threats she receives are antisemitic is truly concerning. We know Trump is no leader, that he does not care about the country or any of its people—his relationships are purely transactional, and unless there is something in it for him, he will sacrifice anyone to advance himself. Someone who feels safe and anonymous today could be the recipient of Trump’s ire tomorrow simply because they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and he needs a victim to distract from whatever trouble he is in at the moment.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Special Counsel’s office filed a Rule 28(j) notice to make the Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia, which is considering the separate gag order issued by Judge Chutkan in the election interference prosecution case in D.C., aware of the details in the New York state filing. They wanted the record in the D.C. case to reflect that Trump’s conduct in the New York fraud case had exposed court personnel to threats in that matter, and that lifting the gag order had made it worse—the threats spike when Trump makes his attacks.

Trump filed a response today, insinuating that he is not to blame for what other people do. But that is a tired and laughable effort to shirk blame at this point. Claiming years ago, he was unaware of the effect his words on his followers. That time is long past.

So happy Thanksgiving from your past and wannabe future president. We cannot say it loudly enough or frequently enough:

Trump continues to be a danger to us. Anyone who doesn’t understand they or someone they love such as family could be the next one subjected to the treatment Judge Engoron’s law clerk is receiving. Or the Fulton County election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss were subjected too. The are not paying attention. There are very real risks.

We’ve seen enough. Now it’s time to get to work and make sure Trump never holds public office again. Even though we’re heading into the holidays, there are simple steps you can take now to make sure you’re ready come the new year.