Cleaning Out My In-Box of Articles

Cleaning out my In-Box of articles. Tried this a while back. There are a lot of daily topics I receive in my in-box. I do not get a chance to post about the topics after I quickly read them. Rather than just delete them, I thought I would post some of them at Angry Bear which may interest readers.


Where and how do ACA marketplace enrollments happen? xpostfactoid, Andrew Sprung. Most enrollments on…aren’t on

Intravenous Vitamin C for Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19: Two Harmonized Randomized Clinical Trials | Critical Care Medicine, JAMA Network, The efficacy of vitamin C for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is uncertain.

AI Alone Will Not Reduce the Administrative Burden of Health Care | Health Care Economics, Insurance, Payment, JAMA Network, Authors.

How many children are losing Medicaid? Center For Children and Families, As of March 2023, more than 35.1 million children were enrolled in Medicaid and approximately 4.3 million were enrolled in Medicaid coverage funded by CHIP—more than half of all U.S. children. 

What is Climate Loss and Damage? | Union of Concerned Scientists (, Wealthy, polluting nations should pay for climate damages.

Hot Rocks, Part III: Barriers to Next-Gen Geothermal,, Aidan Mackenzie, Ashley George and Arnab Datta. The heat energy stored in Earth’s crust is massive, more than the energy in all known fossil fuels.

Counterpoint: A Four-Day Workweek Is a Win-Win for All, DC Journal – InsideSources, Julie Y. Cai. The four-day workweek has gained increasing traction over the past decade due to technological advancements, improved productivity and pandemic shifts in the labor market.

Texas Legislature Votes to Seize Immigration Authority From Feds, The American Prospect, Gus Bova.On Tuesday evening, the Texas House passed Senate Bill 4 granting immigration enforcement powers.

5 things journalists should know about statistical significance in research,, Denise-Marie Ordway. It’s easy to misunderstand and misuse one of the most common — and important — terms in academic research: statistical significance.

Focus on the Problems Artificial Intelligence Is Causing Today, The Atlantic, Amba Kak and Sarah Myers West. The risks posed by new technologies are not science fiction. 

Poor men south of Richmond? Why much of the rural South is in economic crisis,, Peter A. Coclanis and Louis M. Kyriakoudes. Focus on the forlorn areas the U.S. Department of Agriculture refers to as “rural manufacturing counties” 

Car tires pollute by releasing 6PPD—and regulators like the EPA are finally doing something about it,, David Zipper. Friction causes tires to gradually erode, spewing tiny chunks of chemical compounds.

How PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are getting into Miami’s Biscayne Bay, where dolphins, fish and manatees dine,, Natalia Soares Quinete and Olutobi Daniel Ogunbiyi.

It’s America Recycles Day! Carbon Upfront, Lloyd Alter. Organized by the Keep America Beautiful people, it is “the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States.

Austin, Texas is latest to curb parking to help fight climate change, Grist, Siri Chilukuri. Parking lots were created to curb chaos on the road. But climate change has turned that dynamic on its head.

Waste pickers are fighting for recognition in the global plastics treaty, Grist, Erin X. Wong. “Private companies are not capable of extracting anywhere near the amount of recyclables that reclaimers are.”

How Long Has The Farm Bill Been Expired? Union of Concerned Scientists, It’s not news Congress is in crisis. But did you know Congress has let the once-every-five years food and farm bill expire?

UM Forecast: Modest Economic Growth as Inflation Eases, But No Guarantees, DBusiness Magazine, Jim Stickford. University of Michigan economists are predicting the U.S. economy should avoid a recession over the next two years. Economic growth is expected to be modest as consumers deal with high interest rates. For many, dwindling saving account balances

The Fed in 2023: Buying into Deceleration,, Preston Mui. A look at how the Fed’s thinking on the labor market has changed as the data validated or disproved various hypotheses in 2023.

Speaker Johnson Wants to Cancel Separation of Church and State, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Taken from the Guardian. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, has delivered his verdict on the separation of church and state: it is a “misnomer”. Kareem: Sometimes I feel like I’m in a science-fiction movie in which the hero tries to warn the people of impending doom. Like Charlton Heston in Soylent Green.

Trump Drops the Pretense of Democracy, Civil Discourse, Joyce Vance. I continue to be deeply troubled by the openness with which Donald Trump expresses an anti-democratic vision for his hoped-for future presidency and the reporting about just how far along the planning is. 

The Meaning of ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’The Atlantic, Tracy K. Smith. “I’d assumed this practice was a manifestation of military decorum.”

Have they no sense of decency? Robert Reich ( Trump and his lackeys are trying to smear Judge Engoron’s law clerk.

Trump on Univision, Civil Discourse, Joyce Vance. Spanish language channel Univision, recently merged with Mexican Media Company Grupo Televisa, has warmed up to Trump nonetheless.