Today Could be the Day

The US government will shut down tomorrow. Two people are responsible. One is Kevin McCarthy who will not allow a vote on the Senate’s continuing resolution. The other is Senator Rand Paul who will not allow waiver of the absurd official rules of the Senate so the Senate will not vote on the bill before the shutdown.


To avoid a government shutdown, I will consent to an expedited vote on a clean CR without Ukraine aid on it. If leadership insists on funding another country’s government at the expense of our own government, all blame rests with their intransigence.”

I think the second sabateur is actually useful. The reason is that he is also the second Senator to make it impossible to ignore the absurdity of Senate rules. Senator Tuberville has been blocking all military promotions which require Senate approval. According to a genuinely huge number of experts, this has harmed US military reddiness.

I think that, by their combined efforts, Senators Paul and Tuberville might achieve the wonderful and almost utopian goal of convincing the Senate to change the rules so that jerks like them can’t block Senate action.

If not now, when ? If not the current Senate Majority, who ?

Over at the House there is aslo a never done and too slow procedure to force a vote via a discharge petition. I think that any Representative can take the text which the Senate is trying to get past Senator Paul and enter it in a discharge petition. This will not prevent the shutdown, but it will put pressure on McCarthy and on self declared moderate Republicans to show where they stand.

I think the shutdown crisis is a great opportunity which will not come again soon and that all reasonable people should write to their Senators and Representatives telling them that it is time to change the rules and enable Congress to function (e-mails are barely counted, better to ‘phone).

I think the time is now.