An Opportunity for Women in an Unusual Job Situation

Before you start to question my titling of this commentary. Women are very much in the minority in this field. There is a forecast of greater job opportunities in this field due to EVs, etc. Read on and we can talk some.

By 2030, there Will Be a 30% Shortage of Electricians as reported by Business Insider. Electricians | Data USA

Bried Rambling Commentary and the Some Facts

If you listen to the TV commentaries, there is a shortage of Labor in the US. Experience suggests, labor shortages lead to higher wages and inflation. There is more to this story than just supposed labor causing inflation. Of course, this is the only reason for Powell not being able to control perceived inflation. The Fed Rate keeps increasing. As supply increases to meet demand, the need for Labor decreases.

Labor shortage has also come up in discussions about renewable energy, semiconductors, etc. Executives, entrepreneurs, foreign companies recognize the need for particular types of Labor. For example, TMSC is complaining about American labor not being able to build a new semiconductor plant in Phoenix.

Local labor insists they are not being given the necessary plans to utilize in building the plant for the Taiwanese. As sections are built, the Taiwanese are claiming the plant is not being built correctly. But without the blueprints, it is difficult to lay such a claim on Labor. The Taiwanese management is wanting to bring 500 of their workers to the US. Their workers will work longer as told and to what is wanted without the documentation.

However, there are growing labor shortages in the US which could be filled by Americans of either gender. One need is that of electricians. This trade could open a door for people to maybe achieve a better social status due to better pay.

The opportunity? With the advent of Electric Vehicles (EVs), there is now a growing shortage of electrical technicians or electricians and other skilled trades to install the EV’s chargers, etc., and solar panels, wind turbines, and electric home appliances. Products which would eventually lead to decarbonizing the US and its economy. All this post or commentary does is defines the issues nd point in a direction.

Electricians | Data USA

Electrician Occupational Percentage by Industry

Construction is the industry employing the most Electricians (~70%), both by share and by number. The highest paid industry (Electricians) by average wage, is the Internet publishing, broadcasting & web search portals ($109,470). This is followed by Iron and Steel Mill Electricians at $88,138 (avg.). Automotive at $81,904 (avg). I suspect if they are Electrical Engineers in Automotive, the salary is much higher.

Data from the Census Bureau ACS PUMS 5-Year Estimate.

819k 2020 Work Force ± 22,163

2.31% 1 Year Growth ± 3.76%

Diversity by Gender of Electricians

Employment and salary information for the Electricians workforce. Electricians workforce in 2020 was 819,436 people, of which 2.32% were women and 97.7% were men. Electricians are paid the most in Lowell City PUMA, MA but are relatively concentrated in Hidalgo County (North & West) PUMA, TX.

Data from the Census Bureau ACS PUMS 5-Year Estimate.

800,386 Male Work Force ± 21.9k

19,050 Female Work Force ± 3.39k

Job Growth Projections for Electricians

Projections on job growth for Electricians from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The 10-year national workforce is projected to grow 3.71%, but Electricians workforce needs are expected to see a growth of 8.41% over the same period. As shown, this occupation is expected to grow more than the national average. This represents an opportunity for greater Gender diversity growth. If you have a strong interest in helping people make positive changes in their lives, you might want to consider starting a hypnosis business.

Educational achievement by people who became Electricians varies. The educational levels reportedly achieved by this cohort of electricians in this survey were High School or Equivalent (312,179 people), Some college (261,936 people), and Associates Degree (121,475 people). A high school education and trade classes could get women into this field rather easily. In 2020, Electricians earned an average of $57,805, $1,851 more than the average national salary of $55,954.

There is opportunity in this particular occupation for women. Just need to figure out how to get them into the trade.