The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance

The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance – Through Critical Thinking, (, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Not many people realize the Statue of Liberty has broken chains at her feet. Originally, the chains were going to be placed in her hand, but the tablet eventually replaced that idea. When the Statue’s unveiling celebration took place on October 28, 1886, women’s groups protested the self-congratulatory nature of the day, given that women were not allowed to vote. Making matters worse. Of the 2,500 guests, only two women were allowed to be present. Wives and other women watched from a nearby boat. The symbol of freedom is a woman, but the actual women were not free.

The Statue is the result of Édouard de Laboulaye, a French political activist and French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi. They both wanted to promote abolitionist ideals, so the chains were meant to show true liberty cannot be achieved when enslaving others.

Chains are symbols. Yes, they have been literal in the past, but today those chains are metaphoric. We still enslave when we take away or suppress rights, such as women’s rights over their own bodies, voters’ rights to equal access to vote, and a system of education that teaches children how to think critically so they can make independent choices. Give them facts, give them conflicting ideas, and give them the skills to determine the truth. The inability to think logically is a form of bondage. The refusal to think logically is proof of already being bound.

Think about that as you read today’s articles about attempts to lie, distort, and manipulate that would make Lady Liberty weep in shame.

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