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Water Wars

Several months ago I predicted a water war in the next decade. Tens of millions of Americans have or are migrating to the southern and western states,where there are many areas of chronic water shortages (duh). Now Governor Bill Richardson has fired the first shot, suggesting a national water policy, which is shorthand for stealing […]

More on water resources and GATS

OMB Watch has posted a notice on something we rarely think about, and take for granted. The Raw Sewage Overflow Right-to-Know Act (H.R. 2452), introduced by Reps. Tim Bishop (D-NY) and Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) on May 23, requires sewage treatment facilities to notify the public, public health officials and any other downstream “affected entities” when […]

Reader Dan: Third Post on Water Issues

Reader Dan continues his series on water issues. Many legal, institutional, and administrative preconditions such as the need for enforcement mechanisms, clear methods of complaint/dispute resolution and administrative transparency, are common to any pricing tool. (my emphasis) However, volume-based, demand management tools require infrastructure capable of volumetric measurement. Sampath (1992) observes that pricing is dependent […]

Dan on "Water Solvable II A trip to the United Kingdom"

Reader Dan sends a second post on water rights. —————————— A good history of public/private interactions is found here . The conclusion posits it is not strictly market ideology that drove markets but change in technology, changing societal expectations and the like. Karen Bakker has research on privatization that has focused on England and Wales, […]