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King of California

David Zetland at Aguanomics offers this review of a topic that gets little national attention – the use of water between watershed areas, water rights, and how we value water to date at least in this area of the country. Use of water and policy on water use tends to be regionally and locally based, […]


Ten great cities dying of thirst in Wallstreet 24/7 points to a problem already serious in some cases, and during the 2007/2008 drought made readily apparent – our lack of will to address water infrastructure problems and replacement, and our use of water that is outstripping sources. This report by Ceres and Water Asset Management […]

GAO report on the Great Lakes

The GAO reports on the inability to measure small amounts of toxins in the Great Lakes that can cause harm. The same is true, as described in other posts, for unborns and babies. Is this a worthy function of government to oversee, water and babies being crucial also to us? How would a free market […]

Water in the works in December 07

The Great Lakes Water Resources Compact was signed last December by the governors of the eight states that border the lakes — Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York — and the premiers of the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The agreement requires approval of state legislatures before it is sent […]

Reclaiming water

The LA Times reports on one way to deal with a shortage of drinking water: As a hedge against water shortages and population growth, Orange County has begun operating the world’s largest, most modern reclamation plant — a facility that can turn 70 million gallons of treated sewage into drinking water every day.The new purification […]

Oil and water do not mix to our benefit

The Albuquerque Tribune editorializes: In oil drilling, the question is always who suffers and who benefits – not in the abstract but in the details of daily lives. Sure, the American economy needs more American oil. But mining and property laws are often ruinous to ranchers, farmers and homeowners who are beset by drillers, their […]

Ecuador and water

Ecuador’s experiment in private water markets is not ending well. It is a well kept secret that Bechtel won a contract to privatize the water in Ecuador’s largest city, Guayaquil, just months after the massive citizen protests that threw Bechtel out of Bolivia.In October 2000, a local Bechtel subsidiary, Interagua, signed a 30-year concession contract […]

Water Wars Updated

For the past two decades metro Atlanta has grown in a wild, crazy, largely unplanned and largely unregulated frenzy. Many business owners and workers prefer the lack of a significant winter and the lower taxes. Yahoo! No one, apparently, thought about the long term or the lack of infrastructure much, as those topics don’t win […]