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Veterans Community Care Program is of lower quality, takes longer, and has soaring costs

The Veterans Community Care Program promised to give vets speedier access to high quality care. Instead, its care is of lower quality, takes longer and its cost is soaring. Suzanne Gordon and Steve Early focus on helping veterans secure healthcare.  I have talked with Steve previously. Russell Lemle is a Senior Policy Analyst for the […]

Gunning for More VA Privatization

I use the Veterans Administration also. I do not use it as widely as I could and I am ineligible for some of the care I really need. This does not mean it doesn’t offer the care I might need. I leave it for those who can not go elsewhere and maybe do not have […]

Medicaid Disenrollment in June is Three times Higher than May 31

As you may recall, Angry Bear has discussed Medicaid purges, why they are happening, and who are impacted by disenrollment. You can find our commentaries here, here, and here. Most recently . . . Medicaid Enrollment and Unwinding Tracker, KFF, June 20, 2023 At least 1,514,000 Medicaid enrollees have been disenrolled as of June 22, 2023, based […]

Medicare survey shows, VA hospitals out-performing private hospitals

This recent article on NPR was passed on to me after a recent conversation with Steve Early who along with Suzanne Gordon write articles on veteran’s affairs. Usually and in this instance, NPR is careful who or what they support. However, you still have to read things carefully. Steve in conjunction with Suzanne Gordon and […]

Privatization’s Four Ds are being used to Defund, Degrade, Demonize, and Dismantle VA Healthcare and Privatize it.

If you must know in order to understand why I would post this, I am a Vietnam era veteran. I use the VA healthcare system. I find the VA to be a valuable entity for all veterans. It goes beyond healthcare and provides help for education, buying a home, and other valuable services which would […]

VA health care system treats vets better than private facilities

Coming fresh off of featuring Kip Sullivan’s “Single Payer Health Care Financing Presentation – Three Part Series,” also “Continuing the Conversation concerning Medicare and Medicare Advantage Part 1 and Part 2.” and Kip Sullivan and Ralph Nader Talk Tradition Medicare vs Medicare Advantage; I came across this article by Suzanne Gordon concerning Veteran healthcare and […]