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Another Student Loan Scam Involving Prestigious Universities this time

I took this article and broke it into different parts. If it does not make sense, blame me and not the Insider author. This is a different topic but along the lines of student loans which Alan Collinge of Student Loan Justice has been fighting. Republicans support these companies. Democrats are pushing back. Fomer students […]

A Student’s View, The “Unshakeable Burden” of Student Loans

“Americans stress over ‘unshakeable burden’ of student loan payments,” The Guardian, Michael Sainato, May 2020 The nation can alleviate one person of their debt multiple times; but, it can not do so for the younger contingent consisting of minorities and white former students who would add to the growth of the economy if freed. Much […]

Student Loan Debt Crisis Town Hall – November 20, 2020

Friday, November 20, 2020 3:00 PM (EST) Student Loan Debt Crisis Panelists include: PAUL GRONDAHL – Director New York State Writers Institute (host) MATT TAIBBI – Author, Rolling Stone Magazine, Reporter (moderator) Michael J. Camoin – Videos For Change Productions, SCARED TO DEBT (filmmaker) ALAN COLLINGE – Founder of StudentLoanJustice.Org (activist) CATHERINE AUSTIN FITT – […]

Department of Education to Cancel $150 million in Student Loans

CNN, Thursday: The Department of Education will implement a rule known as the Borrower Defense to Repayment created during President Obama’s Administration and blocked by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in 2016. The rule or regulation grants federal loan forgiveness automatically for students who could not complete their education due to the schools shutting down […]

Republicans say they killed the bill that would lower interest on existing student loans because it does nothing to cure cancer … er, it does nothing to lower college costs and therefore reduce borrowing. Or cure cancer.

Republicans said the bill wouldn’t have done anything to lower education costs or reduce borrowing, and they accused Democrats of playing politics by highlighting an issue that was bound to fail. — Senate Republicans block student loan bill, Erica Werner, Associated Press, today The bill, written and sponsored by Elizabeth Warren, would allowed borrowers, including those […]

Updated cost projections for the Pell Grant program

New America points us to Pell Grant cost projections: The Congressional Budget Office this week released updated cost projections for the Pell Grant program – and the estimates show an unexpected surplus over the past several years. The figures are much awaited because they dictate what lawmakers must allocate to the program in the upcoming […]