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Conflicts of Interest on Company Prescription Plans

This is interesting. Companies, large companies, and public institutions hire consulting firms to research drug coverage for their employees. This is what companies and institutions do, get the experts to come in, use their expertise and knowledge of the process or the market, to get the best efficiencies or deals at lower costs. The way […]

Medicare Advantage uses Algorithms to block care for Seniors

Kip Sullivan has been writing about the issues with Medicare Advantage. I have joined with Kip in bringing the issues of Medicare Advantage to the forefront. Angry Bear has featured Kip and I have added to the dialogue. This next commentary details how Healthcare Insurance, mostly Medicare Advantage has been using artificial intelligence in the […]

Value-based payment has produced little value. It needs a time-out

Kip Sullivan sent this article to me today. Usually, I find them before he sends them to me. A quick introduction to the topic of this article. Billions of dollars are being spent on value-based ACO programs. They have done little to improve Americans’ health or lower health care costs. As the authors point out, […]