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Why Republican Short Term Healthcare Plans “Suck”

Having talked about the proposed state High Risk Pools and why they are bad; Charles Gaba at turns his attention to the proposed Short Term Plans and why they are also bad. Keep in mind the proposed Short Term Plans are not the same as the ACA Catastrophic plans. Most of the protection found […]

CHIPS Funding

CBO Director Keith Hall responded to a request from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to project the impact of the $7 billion CHIP rescission package. The CBO letter estimates that the rescission “would not affect outlays, or the number of individuals with insurance coverage.” Well this is good news, I guess? Except, the key here […]

Mick’s Progress in Taking Apart the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

February of this year and Mick Mulvaney already started to dismantle the CFPB by stripping the agency’s fair-lending office of enforcement powers reducing oversight and penalties for firms that discriminate against borrowers. Enforcement of fair-lending laws is governed by the 2010 financial reform law. Taking away the agency’s enforcement powers creates a vacuum making it […]

Medical Risk Pools, ACA/Medicaid Waviers, Hypocrite State Senator, CMC Director, CSRs, and Tom Price

Charles Gaba: Why Risk Pools are Bad Charles Gaba at ACA has an excellent explanation on how Risk Pools work and how they harm those amongst us who depend upon a community rating system to balance out cost. Michigan Medicaid Wavier Strikes at the Poor The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reported on […]

Why States Should Not Be Allowed to Alter the ACA with Waivers

CMS is allowing states to seek waivers to alter parts of the ACA. According to Republicans, state government knows better than the federal government the needs of its citizens and can design a better healthcare plan for them. Michigan along with Kentucky and another state have applied for waivers. Michigan and Kentucky have been approved. […]

“Yes, that is called having a country, with all due respect.”

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow zeroes in on Mick Mulvaney cutting funding to preserve the Great lakes which no one state controls and will suddenly become a Federal issue if this vast national resource of fresh water is polluted. Quelle Surprise! Mick Mulvaney purposely gets it wrong by comparing Arkansas dependency on Federal taxes to Michigan […]

The Citigroup Analysis of the Amazon – USPS Relationship

Steve Hutkins of Save the Post Office blog also reviewed the WSJ/Citigroup analysis of the Amazon – USPS agreement in the second half of his article, “Fake News, Flawed Analysis, and Bogus Tweets,” April 8 on Angry Bear. As noted in the first half on Steve’s article presented at Angry Bear; Trump’s tweet about the […]

In The News

The OM Wiener award goes to House Speaker Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan can’t just leave, go home, and check with Oscar Mayer to see if he can still drive the OM Wiener Mobile again like he did as a college student. Naaaw, instead he is threating baby boomers with making them pay again for their […]

Very Interesting

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump blasted the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday following news that investigators had raided the office of his personal attorney, calling the search “an attack on our country.” Earlier in the day before the president met with senior military leaders at the White House, the FBI raided the […]