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GDP Gap versus S&P 500 EPS

Over at Economist’ View he has posted a nice set of charts on the GDP Gap, employment versus the long term trend and other measures of how much excess capacity the economy has that have become very popular among economists over the last couple of years. But these charts never include profits in their […]

Corporate Profits Soaring Thanks to Record Unemployment

by Mark Provost re-posted from Economic Populist with permission of author Corporate Profits Soaring Thanks to Record Unemployment In a January 2009 ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos, then President-elect Barack Obama said fixing the economy required shared sacrifice, “Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.” […]

Paying better wages and profit sharing another way to success?

Higher Wages, Profit Sharing and Greater Flexibility Benefit All Employees — And the Company Bottom Line Too(link repaired) Costco is so certain that its policy is sound that it has kept paying better wages than rivals, even as Wall Street has pressured the company to conform to industry standards. As the economy slowly recovers, it’s […]