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Which battles to fight?

That final paragraph really gets to one of my obsessions: that the political left and the mainstream media focus so heavily on culture-wars issues–especially regarding the Supreme Court–that the corporatocracy and other rightwing non-culture-wars interests (states’ rights!) have been having an incredible run these past years in the courts, without most people even knowing it. […]

James Wagner, President, Emory University op ed. for Sunday afternoon

James Wagner, President, Emory University has offered the idea that compromises for a ‘more perfect union’ comes in many forms. The link presents Mr. Wagner’s reply to the storm of comment to the original, which follows. Here is an excerpt: One instance of constitutional compromise was the agreement to count three-fifths of the slave population […]

"G.O.P. Anger Over Tax Deal Endangers Final Passage"

by run75411Op ed. G.O.P. Anger Over Tax Deal Endangers Final Passage NYT is reporting Eric Cantor and many other House Republicans will not vote for the Senate (89-8) passed Hr8 bill American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Again another line is drawn in the sand for the President and whether he will use the political advantage the […]

Conservative Historical Awareness: Does ‘Falange’ Violate Godwin’s Law?

by Bruce Webb I ask people to examine the following labels and concepts:Arbitrary ExecutivePermanent MajorityHomeland SecurityNew American Century Did any of these labels or the concepts behind them come from the Left? Well no and we could easily assign names to people associated with each, for example we could name in the same order Addington/Yoo, […]