"G.O.P. Anger Over Tax Deal Endangers Final Passage"

by run75411
Op ed.

G.O.P. Anger Over Tax Deal Endangers Final Passage

NYT is reporting Eric Cantor and many other House Republicans will not vote for the Senate (89-8) passed Hr8 bill American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Again another line is drawn in the sand for the President and whether he will use the political advantage the Repubs and Teabaggers keep forcing on him to knock the chip off their shoulders.

“Go ahead, knock it off, I dare you” sneer on Cantor’s face just begs for the President to begin to exercise some of the political capital he gained from being re-elected to a second term and the Repubs backing themselves into the corner. Meanwhile Boehner, the Republican eunuch can be seen scurrying in the background not committing to a stance on the Senate passed HR8. So is this the golden moment where the President finally grows a pair and takes on a Republican party which protects 3 million household taxpayers without regard for the other 151 million?

“I would be shocked if this bill doesn’t go back to the Senate,” said Representative Spencer Bachus, Republican of Alabama.

Or is this the moment, the President apologizes to the Republicans for asking for too much and slinks off to the Oval Office to begin his proposal a sellout of SS, Medicare, Medicaid, CHSCH in answer to House Republican? The stage is once again set for the President to emerge as a real statesman and kill the Groundhog Day scenario in which Congress appears to be stuck. The President does not appear to be a true Chicago City street-wise kid for which so many of them are recognized.

“It is clear that the vice president and the president are convinced that they have done the right thing. They don’t see it as a perfect deal though, and nobody else does,” said Representative Elijah Cummings, Democrat of Maryland.

If it is sent back to the Senate, the next Congress will decide on its passage and hopefully without Barack Obama conceding anything else. One can only hope . . .