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Flash finding: How drug money from sick people really works

AB: I was searching for a clear, brief, and understandable explanation of how the pharma industry works in delivering pharmaceuticals to patients. This article is one of the better ones out there and has a good and reasonable explanation on how the system works with prices, rebates, etc. A quick email to Antonio and I […]

Generic drugs reimbursement is an issue identified by the Senate Finance Committee

AB: This brief article gets right down to the basics in where costs are added and impacting the prices to the consumer. It is simple and straight to the point of how PBMs impact the prices to the consumer. Very little or nothing was contributed by myself to this article by the authors Inmaculada Hernandez; […]

Five Reasons for Congress to Protect the 340B Program

This is one article I have found which openly supports the 340B program and establishes the reasons for a need of the program. Hospitals located in areas of low income citizens and uninsured patients are more likely to make use of this program than those in more affluent areas. Efforts disparaging this program because of […]