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How money from sick people works, Part II: The 340B story

by Antonio Ciaccia 46brooklyn Research A January Unlike Any Other In case you didn’t notice from our last report on new year price changes, at the end of December 2023, many insulin vials and pens took significant (i.e., 75%+) list price decreases. Given much of the early 2024 attention on brand drug list price increases, […]

Fixing the 340B Program, a Critical Safety Net for Uninsured and Low-Income Patients-Part 2

Fixing a Critical Safety Net Program: 340B, Third Way, Darbin Wofford and David Kendall – Part 2 The Solution: A Patient-Centered 340B Program The 340B program is an essential tool for uninsured and vulnerable patients to access lifesaving medicines. But program discounts should improve patient access and lower costs—not pad hospital profits and incentivize further […]

Five Reasons for Congress to Protect the 340B Program

This is one article I have found which openly supports the 340B program and establishes the reasons for a need of the program. Hospitals located in areas of low income citizens and uninsured patients are more likely to make use of this program than those in more affluent areas. Efforts disparaging this program because of […]

Hospital and Pharmacy’s Profit Stream that Was Supposed to Help Patients

This is a long post. Briefly in the beginning, the article discusses what the 340B program is about. It is pretty simple. The government has the pharmaceutical companies provide drugs to low income neighborhood facilities at a much lower price than what they would charge to hospitals in higher income areas. This is based upon […]