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Gigantic journalistic investigation into tax havens

by Kenneth Thomas Gigantic journalistic investigation into tax havens While Mitt Romney may be fading from view in the wake of his defeat on November 6, the issue of tax havens is definitely not following suit. Via the Tax Justice Network, I’ve just learned of a massive, multi-national joint investigation into secrecy jurisdictions by three […]

Felix Salmon comments on media bias

Felix Salmon comments on media bias at Seeking Alpha: But let’s not kid ourselves that there’s any particular reason why global stocks are falling. And especially, let’s not try to invent some spurious reason for the fall, be it broad and inchoate (“global economy fears”) or weirdly specific (“Federal Reserve pessimism”).…As a general rule, if […]

More than an election message

George Lakoff offers his take on some of the mistakes Democrats are making currently in their overall message to the nation compared to the Republicans, with the backdrop and rulings from Rush Limbaugh on proper behavior for the Republican political leadership: Why conservative lies_spread_and what progressives can do to fight them Fit matters. The brain […]


In the news over the past couple of days, I have heard the concealed explosives of the Undiebomber described as “weapons of mass destruction.” To me, this didn’t sound quite right — in fact, it sounded like a naming convention the Bush administration might have used. To check whether this was just me, I first […]

Kornhauser’s Tax Literacy Project–about time

edited 072909 to correct link for giving online, by Linda Beale One of my big gripes (in case you haven’t noticed) is the ease with which ordinary Americans can be fooled about tax issues by organizations, often ones with greedy purposes of furthering their own interests in lower taxes for themselves, that publish misleading or […]

A Look at the Liberal Media: Media Bias?

We’ve all heard that the media is biased. Those who make that argument typically point out (as proof) to the high percentage of reporters are registered Democrats. I’d like to argue that the high percentage of reporters that are registered Democrats is not a sign of bias, and might be just the opposite, in fact. […]