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Felix Salmon comments on media bias

Felix Salmon comments on media bias at Seeking Alpha: But let’s not kid ourselves that there’s any particular reason why global stocks are falling. And especially, let’s not try to invent some spurious reason for the fall, be it broad and inchoate (“global economy fears”) or weirdly specific (“Federal Reserve pessimism”).…As a general rule, if […]

Guest Post: Latest from Cato…

Guest post by Michael Halasy Latest from Cato… Kaiser Health News carries an article from Michael Cannon from Cato Institute on the benefits of Ryan’s proposal on Medicare. Cannon is wrong. First, he begins by advocating for repeal by comparing the roughly 500 billion in cost of the program to the overall debt and deficit, […]

John Lott Looks at Recessions and Rumors of Recessions and Concludes: Media Bias

Here is John Lott at Fox News telling us that all this talk about the economy being in recession is a media myth, and more, part of a pattern of the media trying to make Republicans look bad. He writes: During the 2000 election, with Bill Clinton as president, the economy was viewed through rose-colored […]