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People Killed by Police, 2016

As a follow up to my post on homicides in 2016, I decided to combine homicide data from the FBI with figures from the police shooting database from the Washington Post. The only difficulty is that the FBI classifies people as being from Black, White, Other, or Unknown races, whereas the Washington Post breaks out […]

2016 Homicides

The FBI just released data on homicides for 2016. In light of the various protests by the BLM and now football players, I thought I’d provide a a graph.  It breaks out population, homicide perpetrators and homicide victims by race. (click to embiggen) Note… the number of offenders exceeds the number of victims. This is […]

Homicides: Victimizers and Victims

Last year in Chicago: Among the Sun-Times’ findings, based on a review of police and Cook County medical examiner’s reports, court files and interviews: • The vast majority of those killed in Chicago in the first half of this year — 90 percent —died from a gunshot wound. • Seventy-two percent were African-American men, their […]