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PGL on The Romney Economic Boom

PGL at Econospeak begins an analysis of the economists and economics of election promises of Romney’s economic ‘plan?’: Jon Ward reports that Glenn Hubbard, Greg Mankiw, and John Taylor joined with Kevin (DOW 36000) Hassett to produce white paper that should be fun reading for us of all: Mitt Romney’s campaign released a paper by […]

The assumption that markets are ‘natural’

by Brenda Rosserre-posted from Econospeak with permission from the author The assumption that markets are ‘natural’ I’ve just begun to browse the pages of David Graeber’s  2011 book entitled ‘Debt – The First 5,000 Years’.  Graeber is an anthropologist who makes no bones about the historical errors made by many economists on the evolution of […]

Report From Rio…Barkley Rosser

by Barkley Rosserre-posted from Econospeak with the authors permission Will A Thousand CEOs Save The Planet? Report From Rio Just back from presenting paper at International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) conference in Rio that preceded the main UN Sustainable Development conference that has started today there, the Rio + 20 show.  What is going […]

Which Spending Is Easier To Cut And By What Level Of Government?

by Professor Barkley Rosser Reposted from Econospeak with permission from the author Which Spending Is Easier To Cut And By What Level Of Government? Back from his break, our former co-blogger, Dean Baker at Beat the Press, takes down WaPo ed page editor, Fred Hiatt, for his pushing yet again for cutting Social Security because […]

Technology and unemployment

rdan Sandwichman, the go to guy on labor issues and author of the series Chapman, Labor, and Unemployment at Econospeak suggests an alternative to the myth of supremacy of capital, which is after all an idea that reminds me of King Midas in our little child version, but in the adult world has several versions […]

Peter Dorman of Econospeak Writes, So I Don’t Have To

I’m just going to “Go Thoma” on him, since I can’t find anything to cut: Barack Obama tells us we should not investigate American intelligence agents or their overlings who are responsible for torturing hundreds of suspects in their custody. We have to forget about the past, he says, to concentrate our attention on the […]