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PGL and tax haven report

PGL at Econospeak notes: Darla Cameron and Jia Lynn Yang want to report on how US multinationals are shifting profits to foreign tax havens but their key statistic is the ratio of US tax expenses to worldwide profits: A Washington Post analysis of data compiled by Capital IQ found that in the late 1960s and […]

Mixed Messages on employment situation

Some other insights on the data in addition to Angry Bear Spencer England: Mixed Message on the Labor Front BLS released its Employment Situation Summary for July. The payroll survey showed an increase in employment of $163 thousand but that unemployment rate rose to 8.3%. So what was the deal from the household survey? Actually […]

PGL on The Romney Economic Boom

PGL at Econospeak begins an analysis of the economists and economics of election promises of Romney’s economic ‘plan?’: Jon Ward reports that Glenn Hubbard, Greg Mankiw, and John Taylor joined with Kevin (DOW 36000) Hassett to produce white paper that should be fun reading for us of all: Mitt Romney’s campaign released a paper by […]

Balancing the Budget with Tax Cuts and Defense Spending Increases

PGL at Econospeak points us to Charles Riley of CNNMoney has a must see graph showing how defense spending under Mitt Romney would compare to the current DOD baseline budget over the next decade. His title notes the spending over the next decade will exceed the baseline budget by more than $2 trillion. I like […]

Long term fiscal problems 2007…PGL

Angry Bear PGL wrote this post in 2007 reflecting the shape of politics and media soundbites of this current and constant election campaigning over the current two years to 2012 elections: In case Mr. Romney hasn’t seen my question. let me restate it. How will you address the long-run fiscal problem, that is, will you […]