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I was about to write a post about a Supreme Court opinion issued today, but made the mistake of checking my emails first–and saw this: Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States <> Today at 2:08 PM To Beverly Mann Message body Hi Beverly, you have a chance to see this message from Tuesday? The cruelty […]

Apple has some money burning a hole in its pocket

Getting real about Apple’s $100 billion stock buyback.  Updated* So I was hearing some where that Apple has a lot of money just burning a hole in it’s pocket. Seems there’s an arson named Carl Icahn trying to really ignite it by using twitter. Apple has implemented a plan to spend $100 billion of it’s […]

A Question About Apple

by Mike Kimel A Question About Apple My wife has been an Apple user for a long time. I on the other hand have tended to avoid purchasing Apple products for myself – I just cannot get around the concept of a single button on a mouse, nor why I should be interested in buying […]

Whiny Apple Pioneered Avoidance Strategies, Books Fictional Tax Rates

by Kenneth Thomas Whiny Apple Pioneered Avoidance Strategies, Books Fictional Tax Rates If you haven’t yet seen The New York Times article on Apple, go read it. I’ll wait. It’s a blockbuster.    As I wrote last month, Apple whines about the fact that it has to pay taxes. But of course, it does much more […]

Apple Whines About Having to Pay Taxes

Given Ryan’s release of his new plan calling for territorial taxation of corporations comes this example of Apple from Kenneth Thomas, Middle class political economist econoblog: Apple Whines About Having to Pay Taxesby Kenneth Thomas   On Monday, Apple announced that it was going to start paying dividends to shareholders, and buy back $10 billion worth of […]

Wired’s Embarrassing Whitewash of Foxconn

Yves comments on Wired’s Embarrassing Whitewash of Foxconn : But Johnson admits he’s a tech toy writer who apparently has no knowledge of manufacturing …. Yet he’s remarkably uninhibited in using his fantasies and abject ignorance as a basis for making sweeping generalizations about the Taiwanese powerhouse.…I find this little chart (hat tip Richard Smith) from […]