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Hey, Angry Bear, weren’t you blogging about Rawls? Yes, I was, first here and then here, and there is more to come. In the meantime, Matthew Yglesias has some thoughts on the issue: I don’t think that’s really the best way to think about the issue [AB note: here, Matt is referring to my claim […]

More Mankiw from MaxSpeaks Max Sawicky finds two more nuggets in Prof. Mankiw’s books. Apparently, deficits do affect interest rates and the corporate income tax only hurts workers and customers of taxed corpotations, not the owners. I agree with Mankiw on the former point; we’ll see if he changes his tune as part of his […]

Miscellaneous Charges (wisely) Dropped &C, even the liberal New Republic’s blog, has a pretty good roundup on the buzz surrounding Osama and reasongs why is Bush unexpectedly giving a press conference tonight at 8:00. Alan Kreuger writes on the ballooning federal deficit. Items of note include Goldman, Sachs raising its estimate of the deficit for […]

This is A Big Deal Here’s the joint French, German, and Russian statement: ARIS, March 5 — Following is the text of a joint statement by Foreign Ministers Dominique de Villepin of France, Ivan S. Ivanov of Russia and Joschka Fischer of Germany, as translated by the French Foreign Ministry: Our common objective remains the […]

Another Update In an update of his own, Instapundit references an article by a former student, Jennifer Niles Coffin, that discusses the mall free speech issue in great detail. For example, There is no consistent rationale behind the decisions that grant free speech protections to the visitors of shopping malls. The Colorado Supreme Court found […]

Are Malls Public Places? If so, then the Crossgates Mall was clearly in error. Instapundit, (Glenn Reynolds, who of course is an actual law professor, so I’m treading on dangerous ground) says this: A reader wonders if he’s [the shirt-wearer] got a First Amendment lawsuit. The answer is no, because the mall is a private […]

In the category… of things that make me angry: NEW YORK (Reuters) — A lawyer was arrested late Monday and charged with trespassing at a public mall in the state of New York after refusing to take off a T-shirt advocating peace that he had just purchased at the mall. What did these outrageous shirts […]

Medicare Reform I’d like to talk about the President’s new Medicare plan, but (from CNN) there’s little in the way of details. In a major concession to congressional Republicans, Bush did not propose a specific [Medicare Reform] bill, but instead left the details to Congress. Republicans had warned the White House that to commit to […]

Random Thoughts * Eric Boehlert’s has an interesting piece on Powell in Salon today, worth watching an ad or subscribing. * Max Sawicky has a letter to the New York Times by Prof. Gregory Mankiw (incoming CEA chair). * CalPundit’s has some funny quotes from House Republicans on Bush blaming them for the budget that […]

HBO I caught my first episode of Bill Maher’s new HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher. It was pretty funny, and Maher did a nice job of making the opportunistic winger David Horowitz look like a fool. I’m not a big fan of having Coulter on (though she is high on entertainment value if […]