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Thanks to MB (of Wampum) For coming up with the It’s Still the Economy Team Blog idea. Thursday, in Salon, Joe Conason had this to say: An excellent blog aptly named “It’s Still the Economy, Stupid” provides graphic illustrations of how the GOP “jobs” tax cut will be maldistributed — and the record number of […]

Dammit Blogger is really doing a number on my hit count. Even on my T1 line at work, over the last three days, my odds of successfully opening my blog are around 33%. Same goes for trying to open Atrios. Maybe it’s the Amazon links? That last part was a joke, but I commented them […]

Teasers on the Front Page of [even the conservative] Wall Street Journal P.1: Congress Nears Deal to Cut Taxes by $350 Billion: In Bush Victory, Accord Reduces Rates on Dividends; Top-Bracket Relief Survives P. A2: Congress is at risk of passing the Great Tax Shelter Act P. A4: Bush is losing on the tax issue […]

Crazy Headlines No, it’s not a bit from Jay Leno, it’s today’s NYT: “$318 Billion Deal Is Set in Congress for Cutting Taxes“. From the story [emphases mine]: The measure would reduce the tax rate on capital gains and dividends to 15 percent for most taxpayers for five years, and then reinstate the higher existing […]

More Sid and Hannity Salon’s David Talbot interviews Sidney Blumenthal. Earlier, I remarked with some surprise that Hannity gave Sid a fair and balanced hearing on his show. (Contrast this to the SCLM’s treatment of late–see the Daily Howler, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20, and 5/21). In any event, here’s Sidney recounting his time on Hannity’s show: […]

Regressive Tax Cuts I found some numbers at ArgMax that are taken from a Brookings report on the distribution of savings from the Senate’s version of the tax cut, and figured I’d make a nice picture (click to enlarge): The picture somewhat exaggerates the top-heaviness of the benefits because the bins widen as you move […]

Latest Missive from Nigeria This one contained a small math error (maybe they should join Stephen Moore’s Club for Growth) that presents me with an opportunity to make an extra $3 million: Regarding the allocation of money you describe, which I quote here: (1) 18% for you as the account owner(2) 62% for I and […]

Slow Loading Mine, and many other BlogSpot blogs seem to be loading slowly, if at all. I find that it’s more reliable to load Angry Bear with the “www” typed in than without, though either way should work. For other BlogSpot blogs, if using the “www” doesn’t work, then trying without seems to help–and vice-versa. […]

In Honor of Fleischer’s Retirement A link via Ted Barlow, who has been particularly good since his return, to a set of quotes from Ari Fleischer and former Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. I challenge you to get more than half right. (Quotes compiled by The Antic Muse). AB