Johan Goldberg DOES NOT excuse violating the law

When I err, I err. I was so frustrated yesterday with the excuse mongering re the White House bribing Armstrong Williams and with the focus on the secondary issue – that being Williams’s unethical behavior, I went after Jonah Goldberg (and misspelled his name to boot). Readers of the Angrybear let me off too easy IMHO as Goldberg went after the primary issue – the abuse of taxpayer funds. OK, he was wrong IMHO to drag Clinton’s name into this, but I was wrong not to read his piece more carefully. So hat tip to Jonah for getting this right – and one big apology.

My error below:

So NRO’s Cornerites have decided to comment on the Armstrong affair. Johan Goldberg


I mean come on. Why do this? Did someone need an operation? Unless some major facts are being left out this just dumb. It looks bad because it is bad.

It looks bad? Yes, Johan has no ethical standards at all. But then Johan does this update:

If the Clinton Administration had been paying off liberal pundits to promote his policies we would have gone batty, and rightly so.

So if Clinton did it – it’d be unethical, but when Bush did it, it only looks bad? I see.