Soc. Sec. Deform: Taxing the Unborn

I spent so much time yesterday hat-tipping Max Sawicky’s Little Nell post

that I sprained my right wrist so let me use my left wrist to hat-tip this piece of brilliance: It’s a three-in-one masterpiece akin to those Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons (slapstick for the little kids, humor for those of us who were about 8 when the cartoon first started airing, and political satire that I did not appreciate until the episodes were only in re-runs).

Patridiot reproduces the charts from the Washington Post story that shows I’ll lose about 10% of my Social Security benefits, while Little Nell will lose about a third of hers. Kash would be proud of such clear charts.

These charts also illustrate the fact that while I’ll pay more into the Trust Fund under this “Model 2” than the 1940-cohort that is just now retiring, I’ll receive less than they will. Of course, Nell will receive no more than me even as she’ll likely pay more into the Trust Fund.

But the best part of this post is its satire – Bush’s proposal amounts to a huge tax on those who will retire in 2075 – you know the “unborn”. OK, the rightwing will object to this satire but only because Patridiot is beating them at their own game. Of course, the entire rightwing case for Bush’s Social Security Deform reminds me of a very bad cartoon (more on this later).