GOP on Social Security Reform: Waffling and Lying

CNN has commented on the Washington Post story with this report. President Bush is still refusing to say whether he supports the reported proposal:

Administration officials insist, however, President Bush has not made a decision to embrace the approach and the first White House priority is a massive public relations campaign this month to raise awareness of their version of the system’s problems…Administration officials said that while price indexing is something the White House is seriously considering, the president has not decided yet to push it. White House officials are planning a large scale public relations campaign, starting this month, to sell the American people on the idea that Social Security is a program that is in crisis and needs to be fixed…”We want to spark a national debate about the problem before we really embrace solutions,” said an administration official.

Debate? Don’t you mean float a lot of misleading statements and see which ones stick? Bill Frist is floating this one:

We need to remember that you can have access to the personal accounts, which will grow much faster than either prices or wages.