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A study of Financial Repression, part 5… Sneaking into United States policy

The United States does not have the traditional type of financial repression where savers are household consumers who primarily deposit their savings in banks. And where borrowers are producer firms that primarily borrow at banks. These constraints apply mostly to emerging economies. The key with these constraints is to tie consumption to the return on […]

On Brad on Summers, Blanchard and Avent

I once decided not to do this, but I’m dumping a comment here. Brad DeLong thinks about Larry Summers and secular stagnation, Olivier Blanchard and higher inflation targets and Ryan Avent here. I can’t summarize his post but I comment here.

Kenneth Thomas and retirement monies

I want to remind readers that while our attention is on one part of retirement funding, there is a lot left out from the performances of defined benefit plans, IRA and Roth IRA, and 401ks.  Kenneth Thomas does some reminding in past posts: Solutions to Middle Class retirements 66 trillion retirement saving shortfall The fiscal […]

A study of Financial Repression, part 4… Ultimately Unstable

From part 3, financial repression expresses in positive ways. Examples, relative government debt is reduced, economic growth speeds up and exports become more competitive. Then why do most advanced countries steer away from it? Or at least why did they in the past? …Financial Repression eventually leads to an Unstable Economy. Advanced countries know better […]

When it comes to finding money: People vs Corporations, $535 billion over 10 years

As we continue this fight regarding the national budget, funding for the people, (food, unemployment, medical), entitlements and the overall moral position this nation has and will take with its money, let’s recall the truth about a program that was sold and is still sold as a benefit for the people.   It’s cost is intentionally […]


by Dale Coberly GETTING THE FACTS RIGHT ON SOCIAL SECURITY? CRFB TRIES AGAIN CRFB appears to have simply misread some of what I said.  But they also appear to believe they can argue by “assertion”  or by citing other “non partisan experts” who are members of the Peterson  machine. i will come back to that, […]

Getting the Facts Right on Social Security…CRFB responds

Dan here  .  .  .  this post is a direct response to Dale Coberly’s post. Both posts are long and complicated, so I and Marc expect further posts to tackle particular policy issues. Getting the Facts Right on Social Security cross posted with Committee on Responsible Federal Budget The late Senator Moynihan once said that […]

A study of Financial Repression, part 3… How does it manifest?

When a central bank keeps its base interest rate low, financial repression can manifest. Well… how does it manifest? What changes do we see in the economy? And what happens when you combine low interest rates with a falling labor share? How might low labor share resemble financial repression? Part 1, a basic model … […]

New series on Social Security: Angry Bear and Committee on Responsible Federal Budget

This post is simply a short note to let readers know that a series of posts and topical threads will be published over the next weeks by staff at the Committee on Responsible Federal Budget and contributors to Angry Bear blog and several outside authors in our network. Marc Goldwein,  Policy Director for the Committee […]