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Marine Corps treating people like human beings instead of Inventory?

Kind of a surprising take on a potentially new Corps being touted in “The Hill” article. The Corps announces a new plan signaling changes to recruitment and retention by targeting individual talents rather than gathering volumes of younger personnel, who are very trainable, training them in an MOS, and making them fit the model of […]

Naked Capitalism joins Calculated Risk, Econospeak, and Angry Bear in being archived by Library of Congress

Recently, Yves Smith announced Naked Capitalism was chosen to have its posts archived by the Library of Congress. It is an exciting invitation as much of the work being written at Naked Capitalism will be available for years to come and potentially studied. Angry Bear applauds this action by the Library of Congress. It was […]

Political declaration of independence (reprise)

Political declaration of independence (reprise), Infidel753, Blogger and Commenter I know Infidel from Crooks and Liars where he would moderate Mike’s Blog Round Up and feature Angry Bear from time to time. Infidel writes some pretty darn good posts on his own site of the same name. This particular post is about the Virginia election […]

GOP Does Well As Dow Jones Average Crosses Major Milestone Of 36,000

(Dan here…originally published 12:11 a.m. Nov. 3. We now know Youngkin won the Virginia governer’s race) GOP Does Well As Dow Jones Average Crosses Major Milestone Of 36,000.  I am posting before the election results of Nov. 2, 2021, are fully in, but it looks that the GOP candidates will win in Virginia, where Biden […]

Wealth is leisure. Leisure, wealth.

Wealth is leisure. Leisure, wealth. The three quotes above are from, respectively: 1. William Godwin 2. Charles Wentworth Dilke 3. Karl Marx. There was a very pronounced influence of Godwin on Dilke and of Dilke on Marx (hence indirectly of Godwin on Marx). My research suggests that viewing Marx’s work from the perspective of Dilke’s […]

Quality Issues, Kawasaki Subway Car Wheels are Moving Outwards

Kawasaki Heavy Industries plans (2018) to restructure rolling-stock operations amid heavy losses, exploring such options as quitting the business and teaming up with other companies. This is unusual for a major Japanese firm to pull out of an industry, a country, and the United States. Or at least I find it unusual having worked for a Japanese company […]

Eastman’s Memo giving Pence Direction on Overturning the 2020 Election

I did not believe I would have to put this up on Angry Bear. Prof. Heather Cox – Richardson in her Letter From An American, October 11, 2021; The Eastman memo, uncovered by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa at the end of September in their new book Peril, flew largely under the radar screen, explained away […]