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Health Wonk Review – Rich and Varied Offerings

Maggie Mahar reviews other blogs on healthcare within the blogosphere   Joe Paduda has hosted the newest edition of Health Wonk Review, a bi-weekly roundup of some of the best healthcare posts in the blogosphere. You will find it at Joe’s blog, Managed Care Matters.: Here are just a few highlights: Health IT is still […]

What is the POINT of this?

WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Tuesday put forward the outline of a response to a Senate proposal that would end the government shutdown and raise the debt limit into next year, but would also make some changes to the health care law. Under their plan, members of Congress and the cabinet would be compelled to […]

Costs plus in pharmacy

Lifted from comments on Conundrum on waste and value in American healthcare deserves a nod. Reader Denis points us to this NYT article: The soaring cost of a simple breath “The arsenal of medicines in the Hayeses’ kitchen helps explain why. Pulmicort, a steroid inhaler, generally retails for over $175 in the United States, while […]

Breast Cancer: Catching Up With Amy Berman, a Woman Who Chose Life Over Longevity

On Breast Cancer and the chose of life over longevity, Maggie Mahar; The Healthbeat  Blog Life Over Longevity HealthBeat readers may remember the two-part post that I wrote about Amy Berman back in October of 2011. Part 1 began: “When Amy Berman was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer a year ago, she made a […]

Health Care Thoughts: Really Narrow Networks

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt Health Care Thoughts: Really Narrow Networks “Narrow networks” are in the news as the ACA exchanges begin to do business (or not?). From the Columbus Dispatch: There may be other problems besides low payment rates. According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) contracting is slow, uncertainty is high, and […]

A Question for Opponents of ACA/Obamacare

Because I need to understand the actual assumptions in play. The question is simple: Should every American have access to affordable health care? Now there are a range of answers explicitly or as often explicitly returned by opponents of which the following is just one set: 1) Yes. And every American has access via Emergency […]

John Boehner Demands Fairness to Arkansan Butch Matthews and His Wife, and Offers to Give Up His Own Healthcare Insurance, Just to Start the Fairness Thing Rolling.

WASHINGTON — House Republicans emerged from a closed-door meeting on Friday with no new strategy to end the budget standoff and an angry plea to President Obama to negotiate over his health care law. “This isn’t some damned game,” said Speaker John A. Boehner, his voice rising in anger. “The American people don’t want their […]