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Quick Links, 10 May 2016

Kevin Drum discovers what I’ve been telling people for more than a decade. Brad DeLong admits that the reason economists don’t know jack about economic growth is that their models don’t support it. There’s a reason Mankiw, Romer, and Weil (1992) is the most dangerous short-form piece of immature fiction since Atlas Shrugged.* (Original source, […]

Celebrating the Living, at the Moment

Erik Loomis of LG&M tweeted out that Guy Clark has entered a nursing home and is “stable.” It’s almost surprising he lasted this long. Suzanna, his long-time wife (a songwriter in her own right, who co-wrote “Come From the Heart,” which her husband covered on Old Friends, and “Easy From Now On,” among other classics) […]

Canadian Content

Not the same one, but had the same effect on Toronto, ON, that this one did on Deadwood, SD Saint Joseph, MO. ETA: Yes, I conflated Billy the Kid and Jesse James. Here’s an extra video in apology: