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Trump is kind of punking Ryan

What games is Trump playing with Paul Ryan? When I worked in a medium security prison as a counselor, we would call this a form of asexual punking. This is when a gang leader puts down a member in front of others so that they kowtow to the authority of the gang leader without question. […]

Trump puts down mother of crying baby

Trump put down the mother of a crying baby after he said not to worry about it. He said that she didn’t understand and waved her off with his hand. He also said that the baby was “young, beautiful and healthy… that’s what we like.” What is he referring to in the video? Young women? […]

Exponential Decay of Inflation

Yesterday, I wrote about the connection between inflation and corporate profits. (link) I posted this graph. (quarterly data since 1958 to 1st quarter 2016) The graph shows how inflation drops as net corporate profits rise. Net corporate profit rate = Corporate profits/GDP – nominal interest rate The trend line (bright red curving downward) implies an […]

Inflation & Corporate Profits

Is there a relationship between Inflation and Corporate Profits? I think so. But I do not know of anyone talking about the relationship, so I will. The point I want to make is that corporations control prices. They set prices. They are not just price-takers. Corporations will change prices with an eye on their profits. […]