Building and Expanding semiconductor facilities

Biden is at it again. This time with Intel in AZ.

With all the issues with passing a budget since earlier last year, I wonder how Biden and the Dems got this out of Congress. Must be some pretty good pork involved with these programs to get approvals. Companies are kicking in $240 billion in investments to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the United States since the President took office.

Good move by Dems in a swing state.

If you head north on highway 347 where it becomes Queen Creek Road, just past I10 into Chandler, you can see the giant cranes off in the distance which are used to build a new Semiconductor plant. Make the left turn on to Price Road and you will go past the companies aligned with modern day electronics. Many of these buildings are new to the area.


Funding catalyzes $100 billion in private investment from Intel to build and expand semiconductor facilities in Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico, and Oregon and create nearly 30,000 jobs

The Department of Commerce has reached a preliminary agreement with Intel providing up to $8.5 billion in direct funding. Another $11 billion in loans under the CHIPS and Science Act will follow the $8.5 billion. The announcement will support the construction and expansion of Intel facilities in Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico, and Oregon, creating nearly 30,000 jobs and supporting tens of thousands of indirect jobs. 

Chandler, Arizona: Funding will help construct two leading-edge logic fabs and modernize one existing fab, significantly increasing manufacturing capacity to produce Intel’s most advanced semiconductors in the United States. This investment will create over 3,000 manufacturing jobs, 7,000 construction jobs, and thousands of indirect jobs.

Other states are getting a share of stimulus funds to build new capacity.

New Albany, Ohio: Funding will establish a new regional economic cluster for U.S. chipmaking with the construction of two leading-edge logic fabs.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico: Funding will support the nearly complete modernization and transformation of two fabs into advanced packaging facilities, where chips are assembled together to boost their performance and reduce costs. Advanced packaging is critical for artificial intelligence (AI) applications and the next generation of semiconductor technology. It also allows manufacturers to improve performance and function and shorten the time it takes to get many advanced chips to market. 

Hillsboro, Oregon: Funding will expand and modernize facilities to increase clean-room capacity and utilize advanced lithography equipment, further strengthening this critical innovation hub of leading-edge development and production in the United States. 

The investments will also impact indirect jobs and thousands of construction jobs.

This comes on top of other initiatives early on in other states. $1.5 billion for GlobalFoundries to support the development and expansion of facilities in Malta, NY, and Burlington, VT. $162 million for Microchip Technology Inc. to increase its production of microcontroller units and other specialty semiconductors, and to support the modernization and expansion of fabrication facilities in Colorado Springs, CO, and Gresham, OR. And $35 million to BAE Systems Electronic Systems to support the modernization of the company’s Microelectronics Center in Nashua, NH. This facility will produce chips that are essential to our national security, including for use in F-35 fighter jets.

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