Former President Is ‘The Gravest Threat To Democracy We Have Seen’

Intro: People do many things to ensure their success in life. Once they are through with doing such, out comes the dirty laundry of when they were involved in doing such. This isn’t as though Ty Cobb was out of work and succumbed to taking whatever he could find to support family or life. It is obvious, he has little respect for trump and probably little respect for trump when representing him as a former White House attorney.

The claim to fame of representing the president enriches the person involved and Ty capitalized on it. Waiting on the book. Money to be made here by a rent taker.

Former Trump Lawyer Ty Cobb Warns That Former President Is ‘The Gravest Threat To Democracy We Have Seen,’, Alessio Atria. 

A former White House attorney to the trump administration issued a warning about Trump being a serious threat to democracy. Like this is new news? This has been apparent since day one in his 2016 administration. He also appears to be a bit less lucid these days.

Referencing trump’s speech a night earlier, Nikki Haley said he mistakenly(?) claims Haley was in charge of Capitol security on January 6, 2021. A mob of Trump supporters were storming the building on the 6th of January seeking to stop the certification of trumps loss to Democrat Joe Biden. In history, the sixth of January 2021 will go down as having a similar importance as the 4th of July each year. Since then, many of the insurrectionists have been facing court trials and sentences.

Congressional senators and representatives who were in favor of delaying the electoral vote certification have escaped any type or reprimand or penalties. They walk away and the citizens they were provoking to riot are going to jail, prison, facing probation, or paying fines.

I guess one should not believe so much in the sanctity of congressional reps and senators. Who can forget Senator Hawley from the “Show Me” state of Missouri hotfooting through the congressional building to get away from the insurrectionists. Insurrectionists he had given his fist up in the air in support of their efforts. Guess he was showing the guards left to hold the ground at bay how to get the hell out of there. Such Senatorial machismo. But I am off topic here.

Doesn’t it seem apparent that trump is slipping mentally or is this another game or facade of his? Interviewing a bunch of mental health folks today about Donald Trump’s recent behavior, Kevin Drum, NYT’s Tom Edsall asked a bunch of mental health folks about Donald Trump’s recent behavior (2023). Here’s one of their answers:

“Trump is an aging malignant narcissist,” Aaron L. Pincus, a professor of psychology at Penn State, wrote in an email. “As he ages, he appears to be losing impulse control and is slipping cognitively. So we are seeing a more unfiltered version of his pathology. Quite dangerous.”

In addition, Pincus continued, “Trump seems increasingly paranoid, which can also be a reflection of his aging brain and mental decline.

This seems about right. Hardly anyone seems willing to say it though, even though it’s become more and more obvious over the past year.

Brian Klaas, a political scientist at University College London, captures the remarkable nature of the 2024 presidential election in an Oct. 1 essay, “The Case for Amplifying Trump’s Insanity.”

Klaas argues the presidential contest now pits . . .

A 77-year-old racistmisogynist bigot who has been found liable for rape, who incited a deadly, violent insurrection aimed at overturning a democratic election, who has committed mass fraud for personal enrichment, who is facing 91 separate counts of felony criminal charges against him, and who has overtly discussed his authoritarian strategies for governing if he returns to power.

against “an 80-year-old with mainstream Democratic Party views who sometimes misspeaks or trips.”

“One of those two candidates,” Klaas notes, “faces relentless newspaper columns and TV pundit ‘takes’ arguing that he should drop out of the race. (Spoiler alert: it’s somehow *not* the racist authoritarian sexual abuse fraudster facing 91 felony charges).”

The eighty-year-old candidate walked us through several years of a catastrophic event called a pandemic and delivered a vibrant economy in spite of businesses messing with supply chain and prices. Oh yeah, I forgot. He also asked for and demanded people to mask up and stepped on their freedoms to die from Covid.

Klaas is asking how is this possible for trump to get away with this. Why isn’t the newspapers reporting his looney-toons to the public?

Well for one thing, there is a fear of amplifying his quest for the presidency. As Klaas admits . . .in reality, the news should be telling the public of the dangers he is bringing with him if he becomes the president. Dangers which will impact them. (Note: How trump is playing the courts as the downtrodden being attacked for his efforts to be a dictator. Would love to be the prisoner chaser for him [last six months of the USMC].)

Former White House attorney for Donald Trump, Ty Cobb warns CNN’s Erin Burnett of Trump being serious threat to democracy.

“I think you have to take Trump seriously because he poses the gravest threat to democracy that we’ve ever seen. On the other hand, I think his legal arguments are, you know, interposed solely for delay. I think as the government’s lawyer and special counsel’s lawyer argued today that, at the end of the day, it would be very scary if there was no accountability.”

And the present clown car attorneys and one Florida federal judge are aiding his delays. He needs to be jailed with the rest of the prison population so he can see what real people experience. trump really believes he will not end up there and needs a dose of reality.