Had Computer Issues

Been busy updating my computer when I ran into an issue. I had paid for the Geek Squad when we bought a new Sony TV for our new house in AZ. I took my lap top into them and they sorted through it all , fixed the issue, corrected some other issues I di not know I had, cleaned it up, and it cost me nothing. We used their help with the Sony also via phone. The lady on the other end told us how to fix it.

So I am behind. But back up and running.

Monday found me at the retina Doctor office having my right eye checked out again. Edema or what they call a ripple came back. Not good. So, it was going a month doing eye drops or taking a shot in the right eye which “in theory” would work faster. We shall see. One plus, I am sitting here typing away without wearing glasses.

Halloween brought ~140 costumed kids to our doorstep. We sat outside in the 70 degree temps talking to our neighbors while the children or teens came by. We did the big bar stuff and let them choose. Twix seemed to be favored which surprised me.

I will be putting up a couple of New Deal democrat’s commentaries on the economy. Good reads coming from a guy who knows his stuff. I have a flight pattern of other posts circling. Post them soon. Glad to see you all here. Glad to see those who disagree with us, do so in a polite manner.

Be safe.