Guess I will have to Read a Book . . .

I subscribe to the Atlantic and have done so for about a decade. I subscribe to the print version also which accompanies me on long flights. An Interesting read and I like to turn pages.

This morning I ran across an article by John Virtue, “How John F. Kennedy Fell for the Lost Cause. And the grandmother that will (did) not let him get away with it.”

The article itself is interesting enough to read. Maybe you have access to the link I provided . . . hopefully and see for yourself. I am taking an interest in this book. My aunts on my father’s side were forceful people also. Then too, nothing could be better than living in western New York state. Everything was far superior then what existed in the uncivilized Northwest Territory. They were forceful enough and instilled in me enough desire to prove them wrong.

A side-walk or step (above) from the topic.

George Plimpton was asked by then President John Kennedy to ask his grandmother Blanche Ames to lighten up on her letters to him about his great-grandfather Adelbert Ames. Blanche was (as Plimpton called her) “a Massachusetts woman” who was incensed as how John Kennedy portrayed Adelbert Ames in his book “Profiles in Courage.” From the discussion in the book, it appears John Kennedy may have been wrong about Ames. No amount of information would sway John Kennedy or others to change the information written in the book. Just like my western NY aunts, nothing would sway Blanche Ames from her accurate portrayal of her grandfather. John was asking for mercy from the onslaught.

Why would I read the book?

I had the opportunity to read some of the actual letters written by a supposed ancestor who was an officer serving with the Iron Brigade. He died at Cold Harbor. The wording of his letters was different than how we might write or speak to each other today. This in itself makes it and Blanche’s writing interesting to me. I also would like to read what Blanche Ames had to say and also her relentless approach to Kennedy.

Anyway, my $.02 on why I might read a book.