A Snippet from the Court Hearing – Attack on Paul Pelosi

As taken from Civil Discourse.

The attack on Pelosi’s husband. This is not major news until you get to the third paragraph. You then read about how the fat xxx is making light of the attack on Paul Pelosi with hammer. I can tell you what treatment prisoners might receive in person from levels 1 to 4. I would love to see trump in a level 4. Won’t happen. Possibility of a Level 2 with exposure to other prisoners. Watch how you name quickly fades. Six months there and then to a Level 1.

Joyce Vance . . .

DePape’s lawyer told the jury she wouldn’t dispute the attack. Instead, she planned to show that her client believed scores of crazy conspiracy theories and thought he was fighting child abuse and corruption. DePape, a Trump supporter, bought into a whole host of QAnon conspiracy theories. The charges against him are assault and kidnapping, and the apparent defense strategy is to dispute whether the DePape intended to prevent Nancy Pelosi from carrying out her official duties, which is an element of the federal kidnapping charge against him.

The defense will have an uphill battle establishing even that limited defense. In their opening statement, prosecutors played a tape recording of a jailhouse call DePape made to a reporter. “I have an important message for everyone in America: You’re welcome,” DePape said. “I would also like to apologize. … I’m so sorry I couldn’t get more of them.” He said he should have gone to Pelosi’s home more prepared.

Meanwhile over the weekend, Donald Trump continued with his carelessness(edit) about the risk of provoking more violence, laughing and joking about the attack on Paul Pelosi and saying things like, “the only terror we had was Nancy Pelosi,” and calling her a “crazed lunatic.” Trump asked the crowd, “what the hell was going on with her husband? Let’s not ask,” before imitating the kind of comment lawyers make in courtrooms by saying dramatically with his arms raised, “I’ll withdraw the statement.” (He meant I’ll withdraw the “question;” apparently, he didn’t pay close enough attention in the courtroom.) Trump went on to “joke” that the Pelosis had a wall around their house, before laughingly saying, “It didn’t work very well.” That, friends, is the Republican Party’s leading contender to be president in 2024.