Gaza N

This is an inspiring article, but one sentence makes me sad “Israel’s massive democracy movement is ready for war” The general inspiring story is that the massive movement trying to protect the Israeli judiciary from Netanyahu has temporarily shifted to protecting Israel from Hamas and helping internally displaced Israelis.

a logical evolution, said Bressler, who now visits victims around the country and finds herself “at too many funerals.”

“We were fighting to save the country, and we are still fighting to save the country,” she said. “And this is what that means now.””

However, I was alarmed by one of the inspiring stories

“Nir Avishai Cohen is a deputy infantry battalion leader and 20-year reserve veteran who was shoved during demonstrations when he waved a Palestinian flag. But as soon as the attacks happened, he scrambled for a flight home from a business trip to Texas and went straight to his unit from the airport.

He sees no choice but to enter Gaza in pursuit of Hamas. “

If a guy who brought a Palestinian flag to a demonstration thinks they have to enter Gaza, they are going to enter Gaza. I am sure that is a mistake

TL:DR of these posts. They can pursue Hamas but they can’t catch Hamas because Hamas terrorists are terrorists who can pass as civilians and also Hamas is an ideology-movement not an organization and there will be new Hamas recruits who replace those who the IDF kills. Hamas can be defeated only by an alternative organization which offers hope to Palestinians. I’m afraid the alternative is probably the ultra-discredited Palestinian National Authority. I think they key is to give them lots of money to buy things for ordinary Palestinians (and hope they don’t steal all of it). Also use the tanker truck of Troy strategy.

I think the only thing that friends of Israel in the Biden administration can do is try to convince the Israelis to use targeted pinpoint strikes instead of rolling the tanks in. Lloyd Austin is doing what can be done.

“Instead of launching a full-scale ground assault on Gaza, which could endanger hostages, civilians, and further inflame tensions in the region, US military advisers are urging Israelis to use a combination of precision airstrikes and targeted special operations raids.”

I wish him luck (he needs it).