Two Elections in Two different States went Overwhelming Democratic

Have to ask the question as to whether these early showings are predictors of what is to come in 2024 election. I do not recall this type of election wins in 2016. In any case, if Dems win big, it will be another stolen election!

Last night, people voted in elections in two different states. “Those results tell us way more about the state of our democracy and the political strength of the pro-democracy forces in this country than all of today’s other political headlines put together,” says @chrislhayes. Click on the link for verbal report.

NH House Dems win another special election, creep closer to 50-50 split,, Kevin Landrigan, The New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester

Sep. 19—Nottingham Democrat Hal Rafter’s victory Tuesday night in a special election means the New Hampshire House is one vote away from being evenly divided when the 2024 session opens in January.

Rafter’s win over Republican Northwood Selectman James Guzofski gave Democrats their fourth straight pickup in special House elections this year.

Unofficial totals showed Rafter winning 55.9% of the vote in both towns, beating Guzofski 641-485 in Northwood and 930-755 in Nottingham.

Once Rafter is sworn in, House Republicans will have the smallest possible majority over Democrats, 198-197.

If, as expected, Democrats make another pickup in the deep blue Nashua Ward 4 this November, the House would be a flat-footed tie.

There are two independents in the House — one a former Democrat, the other a former Republican.

Announcements of two resignations this week mean the House has three vacancies to be filled.

In another election story.

Lindsay Powell wins Allegheny County special election, Democrats keep Pa. House, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Hallie Lauer.

Lindsay Powell, a Pittsburgh nonprofit leader, handily won the special election Tuesday to fill a vacant Allegheny County seat in the state House and restore Democrats’ one-seat majority in the chamber.

Ms. Powell’s victory was expected in the heavily Democratic district, and when the Associated Press called the race at about 8:15 p.m., she had received 82% of the vote. Her opponent, Republican nominee Erin Connolly Autenreith, had about 17%. That margin was likely to narrow: The vote tallies released shortly after polls closed at 8 p.m. were entirely made up of mail and absentee ballots, which tend to skew heavily Democratic. 

“It is the honor of my lifetime to be your Representative-Elect for House District 21,” Ms. Powell said on her Facebook page Tuesday night. “I want to thank everyone who helped me get here — I look forward to serving you in Harrisburg.”

Amid the low voter turnout typical of down-ballot special elections, Ms. Powell’s win was effectively a foregone conclusion. Democrats easily swept three special elections for state House seats in Allegheny County earlier this year. The 21st District is made up largely of registered Democrats: Former state Rep. Innamorato won reelection last year with about 63% of the vote.