It is not the economics,

The myth of markets

How is it that a market created by Madison Avenue becomes prescient? Omniscient? It doesn’t. It isn’t; never was. Like capitalism, the primacy of private healthcare and the myth of markets are a big lie.

The planet is dying from our burning of fossil fuels, yet we hear ‘news readers’ demand that alternative energy needs to be competitive with fossil fuels. Like hell, it does. Markets may, probably do, have a place in an economy, but this isn’t one. It isn’t even about economics. It is about the survival of our species, of most species. If markets and other economic tools, government policy,— can be used to speed the cessation of the burning of fossil fuels — go for it.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom recently announced the need to slow-walk the transition to alternative energy. That is the market for you. Follow the money. Here, in America, it is most of the Republican Party who sold out.

While the market dithers, rent consumes the incomes of America’s essential workers. Markets be damned! Build housing until there is no homeless! Why in the Samuel Beckett wait on something that never worked?

For all these many years, we have been told that private healthcare was superior, that market forces knew best, when, all along, we could have had twice as good healthcare for half the price. Shame on them for lying to us; shame on us for believing their lies.