The world’s infrastructure was built for a climate no longer existing

A portion of an article about climate impacting global civilianization as presented in Foreign Policy.

I believe it lays bare how threatened we are everywhere due to a failure to react to even slight variations in global climate. On even a micro-level we see Montana communities pushing back on court rulings on polluting the environment.

It is so small. “Our state of Montana is not impacted by our mining. We still have a clean environment.”

Very true comment in about their issues with pollution are far smaller than other areas and also easier to fix. What about them? Them being Lahaina, Hawaii, a paradise and unknown numbers of people dead or injured. Not the same Hawaii written about by Michener. Everything failed and Lahaina and Maui burned.

Foreign Policy is a great magazine unfortunately it is more expensive than I can afford. If you register, you can get one freebie per month(?) to enjoy.

Global Critical Infrastructure Wasn’t Designed for Climate Change,, Christina Lu and Brawley Benson

Countries have spent decades building critical infrastructure that is now buckling under extreme heat, wildfires, and floods, laying bare just how unprepared the world’s energy and transportation systems are to withstand the volatility of climate change.

These vulnerabilities have been on full display in recent weeks as record-breaking temperatures broil the world, straining power grids, threatening water supplies, and warping roads. July was the hottest month  ever recorded, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, with intense heat searing Europe, North Africa, Antarctica, and South America, where it is currently winter. Even the world’s oceans haven’t been spared, with all-time high surface temperatures in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic decimating coral reef systems and threatening marine life.

If regions aren’t being scorched, there’s a good chance that they are underwater. China was drenched by its heaviest downpours in 140 years, which triggered massive floods that killed dozens of people and destroyed crop fields. In Slovenia and Canada, surging floodwaters have battered communities and  submerged villages; glacial flooding in Alaska has carried entire homes away. Cities in Spain have been  flooded worse than Noah and his brood, while southern Sweden is grappling with its heaviest rains in more than 160 years.

Peter Gleick, a climate scientist and senior fellow at the Pacific Institute . . .

“It’s just an unbelievable summer. It’s the kind of extreme weather that we climate scientists have been warning about for decades. It just now seems to be happening everywhere, all at once.”

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